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Textile Traders - Handmade Textiles from around the World

+44 (0)1588 638712
At the moment we aim to open the shop on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. BUT please ring to confirm if you would like to check and be sure. We might be open on other days through the summer too!

If you can't get to us, we will be visiting most corners of the UK during 2022 with our World Textile Days and other shows and events. Keep an eye on our Events Page for details. We continue to add to our website all the time. So please keep your orders coming!


And here is a look at World Textile Day in Wales back in 2019 (when things were "normal")                       Click on the photo here of us all. Love from the World Textile Day team!                                                             

Hello and welcome to Textile Traders

We are Diane and Jim Gaffney and we run Textile Traders (with help from our son Sean). Jim and I have been in business together since 1984 buying, selling, researching collecting and documenting, teaching and putting on exhibitions of hand made textiles from across Asia. We specialise in batik and ikat textiles from Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and China. For well over 35 years now (!!!) we have continued to learn about the textiles we buy, the people who make and use them, and the important role they have in the societies where we buy them.

We have built up our family business alongside many of the small family businesses we buy from - and over the years, many have become our good friends. We still go and buy almost all our stock from the places where it's made and whenever possible from the people who make it. Last year was the first year since we strated our business in 1984 that we haven't been able to go out to Asia. Our sons, Seamus and Sean have grown up in the business and now our younger son, Sean, has started to learn the ropes so that he can take over as we gradually retire and move on to whatever comes next.

You can listen to an interview Diane did with Stichery Stories . She talks about how the business started, the people she and Jim buy from and the textiles they both love here 

Fair Trade has always been an important part of our business and we do our best to keep things fair by buying directly from the makers whenever we can. That way we know everyone is happy with the deal, and the money is going straight to the people who continue to make high quality textiles in the teeth of considerable pressure from the global economy!

I've been involved in the UK Batik Guild for many years helping to support and promote contemporary batik artists. We've taught umpteen batik workshops in our time and have thoroughly road tested the whole range of reliable and good quality batik tools and equipment which we supply. In 2013 I started to take small groups of friends and other people interested in textiles on Batik Study Tours of Java too. I hope I can do another one or two of these again as soon as we are able to travel to Indonesia again.

In 1997 we opened our shop Textile Traders here in Bishop's Castle, a quirky little town in South Shropshire, on the borders of Wales and England.

If you are making a special journey to visit, and you want to be sure that we will be there in person then a phone call in advance is probably a good idea. Tel 01588 638712 or 0752 8642966




Asian Textile Journey

Diane often writes a blog based on the textiles she collects on her travels from Central Asia and China to South East Asia. You can read more on the blog - it's all at...

Some of the things you may find in our shop and on our website include:

Going to visit and buy from the people who supply us with textiles and tools is one of my favourite parts of our job and I usually spend a couple of months in the Far East each winter. Jim more often than not stays home to avoid another unnecessary flight. We are both aware that the less flying we can do, the better.

If you can get to our shop, then we'd love to see you. If not, then maybe you can track us down at one of our talks or shows. Have a look here at our Events Diary. Or you can order online...many of our special one off items are available by mail order. 

I hope you enjoy our website.  If you would like to receive an emailed update of what we are doing and the events we are organising or going to (including World Textile Days) every so often, then do subscribe to our Newsletter.