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Our Talks and Workshops

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Our Talks and Workshops

We regularly give talks and batik workshops for Quilters, Embroiderers, Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, museum groups, teachers and college students anywhere across the UK, including Scotland, Wales and Ireland. If you would like us to visit, please get in touch.

All the talks last for about an hour and are suitable for any group interested in art or textiles. We bring a wide variety of textiles and tools to look at and, most importantly, to handle. We will also bring along a selection of relevant textile goodies for sale afterwards.

We charge £110 for a talk plus travel expenses of 45p per mile

Workshop - An Introduction to Batik the Javanese Way is a whole day or a weekend to experiment with batik using authentic copper stamps and canting wax tools from Java. This workshop is suitable both for beginners and for those who have done some batik before. We just need a suitable room with plenty of electric sockets and access to a sink.

We charge £250 for a one day workshop and £400 for a two day workshop plus travel expenses of 45p per mile. The maximum number of participants on a workshop is 12.


Here are a few quotes from satisfied customers!

“The beautiful textiles you brought to show us were totally different from anything I have seen before”.
Stroud Embroiderers

“It did prove to be a memorable evening for everyone present because of the way you talked about the people and textiles”.
Forest of Arden Quilters

“I’m sure you realised that everyone was thrilled to bits with your talk. As you might imagine over 20 years of running groups and being President I have heard every speaker at least once! Yours was fresh, entertaining and very informative, I learnt a lot”.
Pat Nicholls, Weston Quilters

“An interesting and inspiring day once again.”
Merseyside Weavers Spinners and Dyers

“Thank you for a really brilliant lecture—stimulating, interesting and humorous—also totally informative.”
Ann Rogers, Wirral

"One of the best workshops I've ever been on, and certainly the best organised."  Highland Quilters


Choose from these talks.

The Old Colours are the Best

A look at the resurgence of natural dyes happening all over the world More about The Old Colours are the Best...

Batik - The People Behind the Cloth

Beautiful batik from Java. You will never look at batik in the same way again! More about Batik - The People Behind the Cloth...

Clothes for Festivities, Ceremonies and Special Occasions

Wonderful costumes and textiles made for special occasions such as weddings, festivals and religious ceremonies More about Clothes for Festivities, Ceremonies and Special Occasions...

Silk from the Ancient Kingdoms

Fabulous silk weavings, batiks, brocades and ikats from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia. More about Silk from the Ancient Kingdoms...

The Future of Hand Made Textiles

How long can the traditions of making labour intensive hand made textiles continue? A thought provoking talk. More about The Future of Hand Made Textiles...

Textiles of the Golden Triangle - Symbols of a Nation

Costume plays a vital role in showing identity and kinship in the hilltribe and minority people of south east Asia. More about Textiles of the Golden Triangle - Symbols of a Nation...

Along the Silk Route

A journey along the ancient Silk Route from Khiva in Uzbekistan to Kashgar in China looking at the textiles we found along the way. More about Along the Silk Route...

Ikat - Cloth of Life and Death

A centuries-old textile tradition continues on the island of Flores, in Indonesia More about Ikat - Cloth of Life and Death...