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Our Talks and Workshops

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Our Talks and Workshops

We did our first talk in 1987 (it was at Liverpool Museum to accompany an exhbition of batik) and since then, we have given talks to Quilters, Embroiderers, Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, museum groups, teachers and college students all across the UK as well as in Malaysia, Indonesia and the USA. 

For the time being we are doing very few talks (just to accompany exhibitions or for our World Textile Days)

If we have anything in the pipeline, you can find them here



Choose from these talks.

Batik - The People Behind the Cloth

Beautiful batik textiles from Java. You will never look at batik in the same way again! More about Batik - The People Behind the Cloth...

Silk from the Ancient Kingdoms

Fabulous silk weavings, batiks, brocades and ikats from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia. More about Silk from the Ancient Kingdoms...

The Future of Hand Made Textiles

How long can the traditions of making labour intensive hand made textiles continue? A thought provoking talk. More about The Future of Hand Made Textiles...

Ikat - Cloth of Life and Death

A centuries-old textile tradition continues on the islands of Flores and Sumba in Indonesia More about Ikat - Cloth of Life and Death...