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Jewellery and Beads

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Jewellery and Beads from Textile Traders

We pride ourselves on finding unique and interesting jewellery you won't find elsewhere.

The Silver Hilltribe jewellery is made by Karen families in their villages around Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It's made in the traditional styles of the six or more different hilltribes who live in the area, although sometimes adapted a bit! The silver is 925 sterling silver equivalent

The Balinese silver comes from a family in Celuk, the traditional silversmithing village in central Bali. The silver is mixed with shell, "sea bamboo" (bamboo dyed to resemble coral) and other semi precious stones. Again the silver is 925 standard.

The Afghan and Tibetan pendants and beads come from an Afghan family business in Thailand. The metal used on these unusual pieces is not silver. 

Our beadtray section includes some of our ever-changing selection of interesting bits and bobs from our travels. 

Postage within the UK is INCLUDED  on all orders over £30.
If you are outside the UK, postage will be added automatically when you order