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Of course we love everything we put onto our website, but we do have our favourites.

So here is a small selection of a dozen or so of our very favourite textiles (and other things!)

They are all one offs - so once they're sold... that's it!

Photo of our Tiga Negeri Batik
NewFavourite(in Fabrics: Vintage and Antique Batik)

Tiga Negeri Batik

A stunning hand drawn batik "kain panjang" (or long cloth) which is at least 100 years old. "Tiga negeri" means "three states" and refers to the fact that the cloth was sent to three different parts of Java - Solo, Jogyakarta and Lasem where the natural dyes were applied. (indigo blue, soga brown and morinda red).

Very finely executed designs of flowers, birds and butterflies. The designs and colours were much loved by the Peranakan Chinese community living in Java and Malaysia. This is a real piece of textile history on beautiful smooth top quality primissima cotton. There is a signature in one corner which reads TJOA SIANG GWAN. SOLO

The batik is in very good condition with some small darns at two of the corners and a very small hole on one end edge.

Size: 1.05 x 2.52 m

DJ15 – Vintage and Antique Batik: Tiga Negeri Batik
£350.00 each Buy
Photo of our Dark Indigo pleated batik skirt
Favourite(in Special and Unique Textiles: Indigo textiles)

Dark Indigo pleated batik skirt

A beautiful example of a traditional batik pleated skirt from the Miao minority women of Guizhou province in south western China.

The skirt panel is all very fine hand drawn batik with a blue cotton waistband (11 cms wide)

Natural indigo in pale and dark blues

Measurements: Skirt length 46 cms. Waist 89 cms

DJ110 – Indigo textiles: Dark Indigo pleated batik skirt
£115.00 each Buy
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