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Of course we love everything we put onto our website, but we do have our favourites.

So here is a small selection of a dozen or so of our very favourite textiles (and other things!)

They are all one offs - so once they're sold... that's it!

Photo of our Vintage Javanese Batik Sacred Mountain Design
Favourite(in Fabrics: Vintage Javanese Batik)

Vintage Javanese Batik Sacred Mountain Design

A genuine vintage Javanese batik cloth with a powerful design featuring birds and the sacred mountain or tribuwono.

Good condition

Colours: Deep coffee, deep indigo blue, black

V4 – Vintage Javanese Batik: Vintage Javanese Batik Sacred Mountain Design
£45.00 each Buy
Photo of our Sumptuous Royal Wedding Cloth
Favourite(in Fabrics: Wedding Cloth from Java)

Sumptuous Royal Wedding Cloth

A stunning and sumptuous heavily gilded cloth which would be displayed as a hanging and backdrop at a traditional Javanese wedding or other special family ceremony. But great to use as a centrepiece or above a bed.

Available with a teal (greeny-blue turquoise) or a shiny mid blue background with golden brown Garuda eagles wings and other auspicious motifs suitable for wishing the bridal couple health and happiness..

A whole piece measuring 2.25 x 1m. 

WED5 – Wedding Cloth from Java: Sumptuous Royal Wedding Cloth
£55.00 each Buy
Photo of our Cotton flower indigo batik
NewFavourite(in Collectable Textiles: Indigo textiles)

Cotton flower indigo batik

A wonderful hand drawn batik "slendang" or shoulder cloth from the village of Kerek in northern Java - one of the few places left where batik is still made on handwoven cotton. The cotton and the indigo dye plants are grown around the village and the wax is made from local bees.

A few of the older village women still spin, weave, dye and batik the cotton to produce amazing pieces of folk textile art like this. A piece like this is made to wear or carry goods. Strong hardwearing cotton with a design of cotton flowers with decorative borders.

Size: 2 metres x 45 cms (including fringe)

For one more indigo batik from Kerek, have a look here.

IT5 – Indigo textiles: Cotton flower indigo batik
£95.00 each Buy
Photo of our Tiga Negeri Batik
NewFavourite(in Collectable Textiles: Beautiful hand drawn batik)

Tiga Negeri Batik

A stunning hand drawn batik "kain panjang" (or long cloth) which is at least 100 years old. "Tiga negeri" means "three states" and refers to the fact that the cloth was sent to three different parts of Java - Solo, Jogyakarta and Lasem where the natural dyes were applied. (indigo blue, soga brown and morinda red).

Very finely executed designs of flowers, birds and butterflies. The designs and colours were much loved by the Peranakan Chinese community living in Java and Malaysia. This is a real piece of textile history on beautiful smooth top quality primissima cotton. There is a signature in one corner which reads TJOA SIANG GWAN. SOLO

The batik is in very good condition with some small darns at two of the corners and a small hole on one end edge.

Size: 1.05 x 2.52 m

BT10 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Tiga Negeri Batik
£275.00 each Buy
Photo of our Pale Indigo pleated skirt
Favourite(in Collectable Textiles: Tribal Costume)

Pale Indigo pleated skirt

A wonderful cotton pleated skirt from the Miao minority women of Guizhou province in south western China. The skirt panel is all hand drawn batik with a pale cotton waistband (11 cms wide)

Natural indigo in pale and dark blues

Measurements: Skirt length 54 cms. Waist 98 cms

TC7 – Tribal Costume: Pale Indigo pleated skirt
£115.00 each Buy
Photo of our Kachin beaded tunic
Favourite(in Collectable Textiles: Tribal Costume)

Kachin beaded tunic

A wonderful piece of weaving and beadwork made into a totally hand stitched woman's tunic top. From Kachin state in northern Burma.

Very fine brocade hand weave with 16 cowrie shell flower decorations and an intricate network of tiny black beads front and back.

Length 40 cms. Width underarms 52 cms.

TC15 – Tribal Costume: Kachin beaded tunic
£155.00 each Buy
Photo of our Black H'mong embroidered fringed sash
Favourite(in Collectable Textiles: Textile Treasures)

Black H'mong embroidered fringed sash

A wonderful intact piece of two very finely embroidered panels on a deep dark indigo cotton base.. The work is finely kotted and stitched in floss silk yarn.

The whole sash is worn around the waist by a woman from the Black H'mong tribal group, living in northern Vietnam. 

The whole piece measures 20 cms x 1.85 m excluding very long finely twisted tassels (30 cms long) The two panels of embroidery measure 20 x 43 cms

TT11 – Textile Treasures: Black H'mong embroidered fringed sash
£125.00 each Buy
Photo of our Ikat and songket weaving Sumba
Favourite(in Collectable Textiles: Textile Treasures)

Ikat and songket weaving Sumba

An amazing weaving with two panels of songket weaving and a panel of ikat in the middle but the whole thing woven as one piece.

The songket panels show two rows of four figures  and the red ikat panel has four figures.

Made in western Sumba, an island of Indonesia where very fine traditional textiles are made.

Size: 53 cms. x 2.10 m

To find out more about Sumba, have a look at my blog on Sumba, Buffalo, Betel nut and bold, beautiful ikat

TT24 – Textile Treasures: Ikat and songket weaving Sumba
£175.00 each Buy
Photo of our Vintage ikat with moss green
NewFavourite(in Collectable Textiles: Incredible Ikat from Flores)

Vintage ikat with moss green

A lovely old piece salvaged from a traditional woman's sarong bought from a seller in the streets of Ende, the capital of Flores island.

Heavy hand woven cotton

Size:54 x 128 cms  (excluding twisted fringes)

Colours: A very unusual subtle mossy green stripes with brown and cream designs.

FIK15 – Incredible Ikat from Flores: Vintage ikat with moss green
£55.00 each Buy
Photo of our Miao embroidered coat
NewFavourite(in Clothes and Accessories: Jackets)

Miao embroidered coat

A show stopper and totally unique lined long coat made from traditional embroideries, with 3 coin buttons, two side pockets and side slits. Made in northern Thailand 

Colours: Deep navy blue with red applique strips, bright orange and green embroidered panels and a red and yellow collar 

Measurements: Length (nape to back hem) 123 cms. Back underarms 58 cms. From collar seam to cuff 69 cms

GAR15 – Jackets: Miao embroidered coat
£175.00 each Buy
Photo of our Indigo silk hand drawn batik scarf
Favourite(in Clothes and Accessories: Silk and Cotton Scarves)

Indigo silk hand drawn batik scarf

A beautiful quality silk scarf dyed with natural indigo dyes. The artist Tatang Wibowo makes wonderful pictures, fabrics and scarves on cotton and silk using his charactersistic "Spontaneous Batik. He begins with a free flowing waxing which is then built up in layers of blue dye and filled in with fine, traditional Javanese batik designs.

An amazing piece of wearable batik art.

Size: 30 x 200 cms

S13 – Silk and Cotton Scarves: Indigo silk hand drawn batik scarf
£95.00 each Buy
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