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Travels and Journeys

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Travels and Journeys


In 2013 I took a group of Batik Guild members on what I imagined would be a "once in a lifetime" trip to meet up and work alongside batikers on the other side of the world in Indonesia. However, we all enjoyed it so much, I did another trip with a small group in 2015. Some of this group were keen batikers and some had never done any before, but all of them loved textiles. This was very good fun for us but more importantly, it gave much needed income to the families and small businesses we supported.
I have just come back from my fourth trip with a small group of 6 textile enthusiasts and it just keeps getting better. I am planning another trip in October 2019, taking a group of 8 people from the UK, India, Chile, Argentina and America. This tour is full but if you would like to get information about a future batik  tour if I do decide to do one, let me know This is where you can contact me



Back in 2012 Jim and I took a "gap year" and went to Indonesia the long way - overland across Central Asia, through China, Vietnam and Thailand. At each place we stopped on the way I bought a textile and this developed into my blog. I am still writing my blog whenever I travel and if you would like to read some of my Asia Textile Journey chapters, then have a look here. The latest ones are on Sumba ikat and Bangkok.

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CONTINUITY AND CHANGE - Thoughts on the Future of Hand made Textiles


I gave a talk at the AGM of the Quilter's Guild last year and was asked to write it up as an article. It is in the Spring 2017 edition of the Quilter Magazine. You can have a read of it here