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A People's Life Told In Textiles

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A People's Life Told In Textiles

A journey through south east Asia showing fabulous textiles and the vital role they play in the lives of those who make, use and wear them.


Come on a journey from Guizhou and Yunnan in south western China all the way through Laos, Thailand, Java and the islands as far as the island of Sumba In Indonesia. On the way you can admire the wonderful variety of techniques used to make hand made textiles and beautiful garments which show the identity of the women (and some men of course!) who make, use and wear them.

Embroidery, applique and dyeing with natural dyes, fine brocade weaving,  ikat (both weft and warp)  batik and the production of hemp and silk fabrics are all still much in evidence in these areas rich in textile heritage.