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Clothes and Accessories

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Clothes and Accessories from Textile Traders

Jackets, Tunics, Dresses, Scarves, and Bags - all made out of our wonderful hand made fabrics!

We don't usually sell our clothes online as they don't come in standard sizes and are often completely unique, but we've decided to put a few online. We buy all our clothes from small businesses, sometimes from the maker or we buy the fabric and have them made by Puu, our tailor in Chiang Mai in north Thailand. We are very happy with the fabrics and garments we sell and we buy them from women who are happy to see us when we go back to visit year after year.

I have done my best to describe and photograph the garments as accurately as possible, but please be aware that from the garment itself, to my camera and then to your screen, colours may look slightly different.

Click on the photo for lots more detailed photos of each individual garment

Please look carefully at the measurements included. If you want any more info (such as a specific measurement not mentioned) give us an email or phone call. 

If you're not happy with your garment for whatever reason, then we will refund the amount paid less the postage.

Postage within the UK is INCLUDED  on all orders over £20.
If you are outside the UK, postage will be added automatically when you order