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Beautiful hand drawn batik

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 Beautiful Batik Tulis


The people of Java, a small island in Indonesia, produce some of the finest batik in the world. Much of it these days is merely screen-printed imitations of the real thing. However there are still plenty of workshops making hand stamped batik (called "cap batik") and even hand drawn batik (known as "batik tulis")

The very finest batik is hand drawn and the design is literally drawn with wax directly onto the white cotton using a small wax pen (canting). This means that each cloth is absolutely unique and individual.

We have a large collection of beautiful hand drawn batik tulis from Java - some of which we use in our talks or exhibitions, others which we just hoard and drool over and some we occasionally sell. I hope you will find something you love here!

For more batik cloths, look in our Vintage cap batik section, our Traditional Javanese Batik section or here for batik pictures.

Photo of our Small slendang scarf

Small slendang scarf

A lovely vegetable (indigo and soga) dyed cap stamped batik slendang scarf. These are usually worn over the shoulder to match a sarong or "kain panjang" sarong in the same design.

The design is suitable for a wedding as it features butterflies, rice spirit houses and eagle wings - all propitious symbols for a happy and prosperous future life.

Beautiful soft vintage look and feel.

Size: 32 cms. x 1.48 m

BT06 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Small slendang scarf
£28.00 each Buy
Photo of our Batik headcloth square (iket)

Batik headcloth square (iket)

A beautiful hand stamped (cap batik) square  with a central lozenge and a design of birds, and pavillions. Cloths like these are made to be made into a kind of turban for men especially for the guards who work in the Sulatn's Palace. However it would make a lovely wall hanging or tablecloth.

Colours: indigo blue, terracotta brown and cream.

Size: 102 cms square

BT09 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Batik headcloth square (iket)
£45.00 each Buy
Photo of our Natural dyed birds and flowers

Natural dyed birds and flowers

A lovely contemporary hand drawn batik which has been dyed using natural indigo and soga brown dyes. From Jogyakarta, Java.

New and perfect condition

Size: 1.05 x 2.45 cms

BT12 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Natural dyed birds and flowers
£45.00 each Buy
Photo of our Madura Village Batik

Madura Village Batik

A wonderful piece of folk art - a hand drawn batik from the island of Madura (just off the coast of Java)  Batik from this island often features the sea, seaweeds and creatures. All vegetable dyes of mengkudu (morinda citrifolia) deep red and indigo blue.

Design of primitive birds, turtles and butterflies on an all over wavy lines background with  triangle design at both ends.. 

Used but generally in a good condition.

Size: 1.02 x 2.3 m

BT04 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Madura Village Batik
£55.00 each Buy
Photo of our Madura Folk Art

Madura Folk Art

A vibrant village piece from the island of Madura, an island just off the coast of Java with its own batik traditions. The women there make batik sarongs just for themselves, rarely commercially.

The dyes used are natural plant dyes - indigo blue and mengkudu (the root of the morinda tree)

Birds, butterflies and flowers. This cloth has a rectangular contrasting panel at each end.

Size: 1.03 x 2.68 m

BT26 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Madura Folk Art
£55.00 each Buy
Photo of our Megamendung Storm clouds

Megamendung Storm clouds

A fabulous hand drawn batik from the northern coastal town of Cirebon in Java.

The design is called "megamendung" which means "storm clouds". This area of Java has many batik making families of Chinese origin and the batik cloths reflect the favourite colours and designs of China. This design can be seen in many traditional Chinese ceramics and embroideries.

Colours: Bright red, white and pale to very deep blues.

Age and condition: new  Size approx: 1.05 x 2.35m 

For more information about megamendung have a look at my blog  "Storm Clouds From Cirebon"

BT00 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Megamendung Storm clouds
£75.00 each Buy
Photo of our Indigo Bali batik

Indigo Bali batik

A lovely blue and white slendang (scarf) dyed with natural indigo, from a batik workshop on the island of Bali.

White, pale blue and dark blue. All hand drawn work. 

A mix of floral borders with a central diamond of geometric designs.

Size: 50 cms x 1.88 m

BT23 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Indigo Bali batik
£75.00 each Buy
Photo of our Hand drawn batik with diamonds

Hand drawn batik with diamonds

A lovely vintage cloth from Central Java. All hand drawn with large lozenge shaped diamonds of four well known batik designs including "truntum" stars, butterflies and rice spririt houses.

This cloth is between 50 and 75 years old. Very good condition. Natural dyes of indigo blue and soga brown.

Size: 1.02 x 2.25m

BT15 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Hand drawn batik with diamonds
£75.00 each Buy
Photo of our Banyumas Batik

Banyumas Batik

A wonderful naturally dyed batik cloth from the region of Banyumas in Central Java - a region which had its own batik traditions and designs.  The dyes used are indigo blue and menkudu root for the red (morind citrifolia) 

The design is of big phoenix type birds, flowers and small birds on a packed hook (ukel) background

Deep red and dark blue on a faun background, red floral border round three sides. Good condition

Size: 1.05 x 2.45 m

BT0 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Banyumas Batik
£85.00 each Buy
Photo of our Sumatran Batik

Sumatran Batik

A batik shawl called a "Juffri" made in Cirebon, Java for the Sumatran market. This cloth is new and bought by us from the workshop where it was made at Trusmi, just outside Cirebon.

Lovely deep red, black and pale browns

Size: 1m x 2.25m

BT11 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Sumatran Batik
£85.00 each Buy
Photo of our Lasem Blue and White Batik

Lasem Blue and White Batik

A very delicate and extremely pretty blue and white kain panjang (long cloth) from Lasem on the north coast of Java. Cloths like this are difficult to make as the whole of the background has to be very carefully blocked out with a strong beeswax to prevent the indigo blue dye seeping into it as its dyed. Some slight yellowish spots are still visible.

A lovely birds and flowers design with a floral blue border on all four sides.

Size: 1.04 x 2.3m

BT25 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Lasem Blue and White Batik
£85.00 each Buy
Photo of our Indramayu Batik

Indramayu Batik

Indramayu is a fishing port near Cirebon on the north coast of Java and once had its own distinctive style of batik usually with sea motifs. Now there are just one or two batik studios remaining making batik using the traditional indigo blue and mengkudu purpley red dyes. The distinguishing feature of Indramayu batik is the dotted background which is featured on the borders of this cloth

This lovely piece has an intensively worked background of dots and geringsing (fish scales)  with wavering foliage and sea weeds. It has a wonderful tumpal (triangular) pattern at each end of the cloth.

New condition. Size: 1.04 x 2.40 m

BT27 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Indramayu Batik
£95.00 each Buy
Photo of our Kemben (breast cloth)

Kemben (breast cloth)

A hand drawn batik cloth made in Jogyakarta in Central Java. Kemben are sometimes called breast cloths and have a distinctive central plain coloured lozenge. They are worn by dancers and women of the Sultan's court as garments which cover the top half of the body.

Colours: black, deep indigo blue, mid brown, ivory

Age: 60 years +

Size: 51 cms x 250 cms

Condition: very good, one small tear in one corner

BT01 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Kemben (breast cloth)
£95.00 each Buy
Photo of our Double patchwork bedcover in vintage batik.

Double patchwork bedcover in vintage batik.

A patchwork bed cover made in Java - this is suitable for a large double or king size bed. The patchwork is made from beautiful pieces of hand drawn vintage Javanese batik in indigo blue, gold, yellow and cream. These fabrics are old and should be treated with care!

The backing and borders are in a plain deep navy blue twill.

All cotton fabric. Size: 2.15 m x 2.15 m

We have another patchwork bedspread here

JB2 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Double patchwork bedcover in vintage batik.
£98.00 each Buy
Photo of our Carnations Lasem Batik

Carnations Lasem Batik

I bought this batik cloth in Lasem about 40 years ago when we were collecting samples of batik from all over Java for a mueum collection. Lasem is a small town on the north coast of Java which has long been famed for its batik, although there is not so much left of it now.

Lasem was particularly known for the bright "mengkudu" red which its dyers could achieve. So much so that batik manufacturers from other parts of Java sent their cloths to be dyed there. (in the days before synthetic dyes reached Java in the 1920s) The design of carnations and fans would be  aimed at the Peranakan Chinese community who lived in Lasem and other coastal Javanese towns, as well as places such as Penang in Malaysia

The red and blue on a white background is known as "bang-biru" and would be worn by married women. When batiking a cloth like this, great care must be taken, using very thick beeswax, to protect the white background from the blue and red dyes.

New condition. Size 1.02 x 2.45 m

BT31 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Carnations Lasem Batik
£115.00 each Buy
Photo of our Giriloyo Sample Cloth

Giriloyo Sample Cloth

This cloth was batiked in the village of Giriloyo by the women of the Bima Sakti Women's Batik Co-operative. Bu Hartinah and her neighbours come from a line of women with a long tradition of making batik cloths for the Sultan of Jogyakarta and the royal court. Their village out in the rice fields beyond the city, lies just beneath the sacred mountain of Imogiri where the Sultans of Central Java have their tombs.

The cloth is a "sempel tretes" sampler cloth and shows 24 different and named designs. The batik has all been hand drawn and the designs are related to each other.

New. Size: 1.04 x 2.30 m

BT32 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Giriloyo Sample Cloth
£120.00 each Buy
Photo of our Indigo Sample cloth

Indigo Sample cloth

A wonderful example of a design sampler featuring 24 named designs.

This new cloth has been completely hand waxed and dyed by the women of the Bima Sakti women's batik co-operative in Giriloyo village. The women of this village have a long tradition of making batik for the Sultan of Jogyakarta.

Size 1.02 x 2.40 cms with 24 designs of 30 x 33 cms.

BT22 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Indigo Sample cloth
£120.00 each Buy
Photo of our Rice spirit batik

Rice spirit batik

This wonderful organic piece of batik art comes from Jogyakarta in Central Java. The design is a powerful one evoking Sri Dewi the goddess of the rice harvest with lots of rice spirit houses, stalks of rice grains and eagle's wings - the symbol of the Sultan. All on an intense ukel (hook) background.

Vegtable dyes of indigo and soga, and all hand drawn batik tulis.

It is probably 90 - 100 years old with some minor repairs and a few spots of staining.

BT29 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Rice spirit batik
£125.00 each Buy
Photo of our Taman Arum Cirebon Batik

Taman Arum Cirebon Batik

This hand drawn batik was bought by us about 40 years ago from the village of Trusmi where the batik of the Royal Court city of Cirebon is made. The design is called "Taman Arum" or Fragrant Garden and it depicts the Sultan's Palace gardens with rocks, foliage, royal parasols, pavillions, lions and mythical winged beasts.

The Chinese design influences in the "megamendung" pattern of the rocks can be clearly seen. Golden brown, blue and black on an ivory background

New condition. Size: 1.02 x 2.56 m

BT30 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Taman Arum Cirebon Batik
£145.00 each Buy
Photo of our Phoenix Indigo Tuban Batik

Phoenix Indigo Tuban Batik

A wonderful hand drawn batik length from the village of Kerek in northern Java - one of the few places left where batik is still made on handwoven cotton. The cotton and the indigo dye plants are grown around the village and the wax is made from local bees.

A few of the older village women still spin, weave, dye and batik the cotton to produce amazing pieces of folk textile art like this. Made to wear or carry goods. Strong hardwearing cotton with a design of phoenix birds and rice spirit houses with borders and a "tumpal" triangle design at both ends

Size: 2.9m x 89 cms

For another beautiful indigo batik from Kerek, have a look here.

BT21 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Phoenix Indigo Tuban Batik
£195.00 each Buy
Photo of our Tiga Negeri Batik

Tiga Negeri Batik

A stunning hand drawn batik "kain panjang" (or long cloth) which is at least 100 years old. "Tiga negeri" means "three states" and refers to the fact that the cloth was sent to three different parts of Java - Solo, Jogyakarta and Lasem where the natural dyes were applied. (indigo blue, soga brown and morinda red).

Very finely executed designs of flowers, birds and butterflies. The designs and colours were much loved by the Peranakan Chinese community living in Java and Malaysia. This is a real piece of textile history on beautiful smooth top quality primissima cotton. There is a signature in one corner which reads TJOA SIANG GWAN. SOLO

The batik is in very good condition with some small darns at two of the corners and a small hole on one end edge.

Size: 1.05 x 2.52 m

BT10 – Beautiful hand drawn batik: Tiga Negeri Batik
£275.00 each Buy

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