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New and Contemporary Batik

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New and Contemporary Batiks

Beautiful fine batik is still made in Java. Sometimes its very traditional hand drawn "Batik Tulis". We support The Bima Sakti Women's Batik Collective in the village of Giriloyo. Women from this village have traditionally made batik for use in special ceremonies at the Courts of the Sultans of Central Java. They still insist on the very highest standards of batik skills in design, canting work and dyeing.

Sometimes its "cap batik"  or hand stamped batik such as the lovely work produced at Batik Winotosastro under the guidance of Hani Winotosastro the daughter of the original owner who made batik for the first President of the Independent Indonesia in the 1950s.

Sometimes its bang up to date abstract pieces and pictures made by young artists in the "Taman Sari" Water Castle area of Jogyakarta. These pieces with their mix of traditional and contemporary flowing techniques are increasingly being commissioned by top end fashion designers throughout Asia to incorporate into their garments.

We also sell Vintage and Antique Batiks

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