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Undyed handwoven hemp

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Photo of our Undyed handwoven hemp

Undyed handwoven hemp

New in stock! some top quality smoothly woven 100% natural hand woven hemp fabric. All handwoven by H'mong hilltribe women in the northern part of  Thailand. A natural pale oatmeal colour.

Approx: 36 cms. wide.

This is a totally natural product which has been woven on a small loom and is very good for dyeing, batiking or stitching into.

We also sell wide, smooth machine woven hemp on our hemp fabric page

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undyed hemp Photo 2 of our Undyed handwoven hemp Photo 3 of our Undyed handwoven hemp Photo 4 of our Undyed handwoven hemp Photo 5 of our Undyed handwoven hemp
F7 – Plain Fabrics and scarves: Undyed handwoven hemp
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