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Cantings (or tjantings)

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Sometimes spelled tjantings, these are the wax pens which are used to apply the hot wax resist to your fabric. We buy all our cantings in Java from craftsmen working in their own homes and at a fair trade rate.

Our lovely teak handled cantings are about 17.5 cms. long and have a thick copper bowl which extends along the bottom to minimise drips. The handles are recycled from teak furniture offcuts. They come in 5 different spout sizes plus a double spout.

Many of our customers tell us that these are the easiest cantings they have ever used. No-one will ever be as practiced and precise as the Javanese, but at least you'll get a head start using the best cantings available.

Click here for tips on using our cantings.

Photo of our Very fine spout canting

Very fine spout canting

Excellent for the finest lines. Your wax needs to be nice and hot!

TJ00 – Cantings (or tjantings): Very fine spout canting
£7.50 each Buy
Photo of our Fine spout canting

Fine spout canting

This is a good canting to use for fine lines.

TJ01 – Cantings (or tjantings): Fine spout canting
£7.50 each Buy
Photo of our Medium-fine spout canting

Medium-fine spout canting

This one is a very good all purpose canting.

TJ02 – Cantings (or tjantings): Medium-fine spout canting
£7.50 each Buy
Photo of our Medium-wide spout canting

Medium-wide spout canting

This canting is easy to use and a good general canting - especially for beginners .

TJ03 – Cantings (or tjantings): Medium-wide spout canting
£7.50 each Buy
Photo of our Ten long handled cantings

Ten long handled cantings

Buy any ten of the longer handled cantings with teak handles and save money.

Specify the sizes you would like in the comments box when you order or else we'll send you a good selection.

TJ10 – Cantings (or tjantings): Ten long handled cantings
£62.50 per set Buy

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