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Silk Batik by the Masters

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These pieces are made at the Brahma Tirta Sari studio in Yogyakarta, Java by the team of renowned batik artists Nia Fliamm and Agus Ismoyo.

Nia - a graduate of the Pratt Institute in the US went to Java in 1983 to study and learn fine hand made batik, she met her husband Ismoyo and has been there ever since. Agus Ismoyo comes from a family of traditional batik artists. For a long time their batik art work was dismissed in Java as being too contemporary but it is now recognised as fully honouring the traditions of 

Nia and Agus have exhibited their art around the world, and have worked on collaborations with craftspeople and textile artists on continents all over the world  from Australia to Africa. They have won commissions from galleries, museums and public bodies, teach the Javanese philosophy of creative process to Indonesian and foreign students, and run a fine art studio with 25 experts in wax and dyes.

The scarves we have show some of the wonderfully intricate batik which is the hallmark of the studio. The stunning effects are achieved by a multi layering techniques of wax and dyes.

We have been visiting and selecting these little masterpieces from Nia and Agus in Java for almost 20 years. We can't visit this year but Nia and I have chosen these wonderful pieces together.

I am very happy that we can continue to support the studio by offering these beautiful silk batiks to you. Wear one as a stunning scarf or shawl or give it pride of place on your wall and you will be contributing to the continuation of this fine craft. Click on the photo to see lots more pictures.

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