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Indigo textiles

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Indigo pieces from Thailand, Indonesia and China. Here is a selection of some of our lovely deep blue textiles. For indigo fabrics, take a look at our Indigo Fabric section.

We also have some stunning indigo scarves and shawls in our Scarf Section.

For more indigo immersion try my blog "Indigo Central"

Photo of our Japanese indigo print bag

Japanese indigo print bag

A very lovely lined shoulder bag with an inside zipped pocket and a large coconut  button fastening. Made from gorgeous Japanese style indigo print  and plain fabric. From north Thailand

Size: 33 x 44 (from strap seam)

DJ74 – Indigo textiles: Japanese indigo print bag
£20.00 each Buy
Photo of our Very fine indigo batik

Very fine indigo batik

A piece of wonderful, very fine intricate hand drawn batik with indigo dyes and stitching. With a backing of a handwoven indigo fabric.

Made in Guizhou Province in South West China by Miao minority women.

Size: approx 28  x 16 cms including indigo backing

DJ60 – Indigo textiles: Very fine indigo batik
£22.00 each (OUT OF STOCK)
Photo of our Vintage hand woven and batiked hemp

Vintage hand woven and batiked hemp

A length of smooth and beautifully woven hemp, decorated with hand drawn batik and dyed with natural plant indigo. These pieces have been made by Miao women in South West China to be part of a traditional skirt.

The pieces are all unique and we have different designs, but they are all are a very deep dark blue with a white side strip. These pieces have been worn and used and may show some signs of wear and tear.

Size: approximately 32 cms. x 2m 70

DJ61 – Indigo textiles: Vintage hand woven and batiked hemp
£55.00 each Buy
Photo of our Indigo and deep terracotta ikat

Indigo and deep terracotta ikat

A beautiful length of thick hand woven ikat cotton from Isaan province in North east Thailand. Ikat in Thailand is known as "matmi" which means "tied threads".

The cotton weft threads are tied and then dyed with the design before being woven into the plain warp on a pedal loom. These lengths would normally be made into a sarong skirt for the weaver who makes them.

Size approx: 2.20 cms x 80 cms

DJ64 – Indigo textiles: Indigo and deep terracotta ikat
£65.00 each (OUT OF STOCK)
Photo of our Miao batiked baby carrier cover

Miao batiked baby carrier cover

An indigo dyed hand drawn batik from Guizhou, southwestern China.

A cotton cloth like this is used as the outside part of a baby carrier. It is then lined with a blanket.

Good condition with a little discolouration.

Size: 54 cms x 66 cms

DJ68 – Indigo textiles: Miao batiked baby carrier cover
£75.00 each Buy
Photo of our Indigo batik from Bali

Indigo batik from Bali

All hand drawn batik . A stunning blue and white slendang (scarf) dyed with natural indigo, from a batik workshop on the island of Bali.

White, pale blue and dark blue. 

A mix of floral borders with a central diamond of geometric designs.

Size: 50 cms x 1.88 m

DJ69 – Indigo textiles: Indigo batik from Bali
£75.00 each Buy
Photo of our Deep indigo Tuban batik

Deep indigo Tuban batik

A wonderful hand drawn batik "slendang" or shoulder cloth from the village of Kerek in northern Java - one of the few places left where batik is still made on handwoven cotton. The cotton and the indigo dye plants are grown around the village and the wax is made from local bees.

A few of the older village women still spin, weave, dye and batik the cotton to produce amazing pieces of folk textile art like this. A piece like this is made to wear or carry goods. Strong hardwearing cotton with a design of cotton flowers with decorative borders.

Size: 2 metres x 45 cms (including fringe)

DJ71 – Indigo textiles: Deep indigo Tuban batik
£85.00 each Buy
Photo of our Long batiked banner

Long batiked banner

A long batiked banner made by women in Wuji village in Guizhou Province, south western China. Natural indigo dyes.

The banners are used at festivals which celebrate and remember the ancestors. These are held by each village once every 13 years. The banners are carried on tall bamboo poles and taken in procession around the village. For more on these indigo banners, have a look at my blog "Banners, baby carriers and printed batik!"

Great for use as a totally unique table runner! The design may vary as all these banners are different and unique.

Length approx 2.65 metres, width 28 cms

DJ67 – Indigo textiles: Long batiked banner
£95.00 each Buy
Photo of our Dark Indigo pleated batik skirt

Dark Indigo pleated batik skirt

A beautiful example of a traditional batik pleated skirt from the Miao minority women of Guizhou province in south western China.

The skirt panel is all very fine hand drawn batik with a blue cotton waistband (11 cms wide)

Natural indigo in pale and dark blues

Measurements: Skirt length 46 cms. Waist 89 cms

DJ110 – Indigo textiles: Dark Indigo pleated batik skirt
£115.00 each Buy
Photo of our Indigo ikat from Sumba

Indigo ikat from Sumba

Wonderful blue and white warp ikat hanging from Sumba island in eastern Indonesia.

Would make a lovely wall hanging.

Size 47 cms wide x 1m 85 (excluding long fringes)

For more Sumba ikats, have a look at our Sumba ikat section.

For more on the wonderful textiles of Sumba, have a look at "Buffalo, Betel nut and bold, beautiful ikat from Sumba"

DJ70 – Indigo textiles: Indigo ikat from Sumba
£125.00 each Buy
Photo of our Indigo ikat hanging

Indigo ikat hanging

A lovely deep blue indigo ikat with symbols of monitor lizards and other traditional symbols.

Size: 61 cms x 2.75 m (excluding fringes)

For more ikat from Flores have a look at our Flores Ikat section.

DJ73 – Indigo textiles: Indigo ikat hanging
£150.00 each Buy

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