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Ikat Fabrics

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We buy this beautiful cloth from a market in Bali where the weavers sell the cloth they've made on their home looms. The technique of ikat weaving is famous in many parts of the world, and is part of a long textile tradition.

The weft threads are first carefully measured out and then bound tightly into sections with plastic string. These are colour coded to form a pattern. The weft threads are dyed, then some of the ties removed and each exposed section is dyed in turn. Finally the patterned weft threads are woven into a plain warp on a treddle loom. Ikat has a characteristic shimmering effect.

The fabric is 1 metre wide and has a plain strip approx 5 cms. along each side. Machine washable. This fabric is suitable for garments, cushion covers and light lined curtains.

We sell our ikat by the metre or in  fat quarter sets and smaller sample sets. And if you're looking for indigo ikat, it's on our Indigo Fabrics page.



Fabrics available by the metre

Photo of our Black diamonds ikat fabric

Black diamonds ikat fabric

An unusual fabric with a black background and diamond patterns in pale grey and blue with small details of purple, deep red and old gold.

Width approx 40 inches

IK13 – Ikat Fabrics: Black diamonds ikat fabric
£17.50 per metre Buy
Photo of our Indigo hand woven ikat

Indigo hand woven ikat

A lovely thicker weight hand woven cotton fabric in various shades of indigo blue. From Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand.

Suitable for making clothes, curtains, cushion covers etc.

Width approx 98 cms.(39 inches) 

IIK – Ikat Fabrics: Indigo hand woven ikat
£19.50 per metre Buy
Photo of our Coral and Black handwoven ikat

Coral and Black handwoven ikat

A medium weight hand woven cotton fabric made by weavers in northern Thailand on home looms. The colours are black, grey, white and a very subtle coral red. Five broad stripes.

Width approx 97 cms.

IK5 – Ikat Fabrics: Coral and Black handwoven ikat
£17.50 per metre Buy

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