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Textile Treasures

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A selection of some wonderful textiles we've collected over the years - embroideries or weavings mostly which don't fit into the other categories. Enjoy browsing through them. Click on the photo to see lots more photos.

You can read up on some of our textile buying adventures on the blog Asia Textile Journey

Photo of our Stitched and reverse appliqued child's collar

Stitched and reverse appliqued child's collar

A lovely hand stitched piece salvaged from the back of a H'mong child's jacket. Embroidered pieces are often recycled in this way once the garment becomes too tatty to wear.

This is a miracle of lovingly stitched double spirals 

Size: 10 x 11.5 cms

DJ101 – Textile Treasures: Stitched and reverse appliqued child's collar
£12.50 each Buy
Photo of our H'mong baby hat

H'mong baby hat

A black satin hat for a little H'mong baby with hand sewn panels of reverse applique on either side of a little padded "beak" and an embroidererd square on the top.

From northern Thailand

Circumference 47 cms.

DJ102 – Textile Treasures: H'mong baby hat
£21.50 each Buy
Photo of our Mangarrai sarong

Mangarrai sarong

A hand woven long tube garment woven in the western part of Flores island, Indonesia. Garments like this are worn by Mangarrai women either right up to the armpits or folded over at the top to make a skirt.

Supplementary weft weave (also known as songket)

Shot green and red background with pink and orange motifs.

Size (if unstitched) 114 x 176 cms.

DJ105 – Textile Treasures: Mangarrai sarong
£35.00 each Buy
Photo of our Laos brocade wallhanging

Laos brocade wallhanging

A beautiful 100% silk finely woven brocade with blue, red and white silk threads on a pale yellow silk background.

This piece was woven in Laos to be worn over the shoulder, although it has been cut across the middle to make a wall hanging

Size: 47 x 108 cms (with a black strip at the top to hang it from)

DJ86 – Textile Treasures: Laos brocade wallhanging
£40.00 each Buy
Photo of our Gold thread square

Gold thread square

An old and rather tatty silk square with a supplementary weft of gold metallic thread. But what fabulous faded glory!

Probably from South Sumatra

Size: 75 x 75 cms

DJ87 – Textile Treasures: Gold thread square
£45.00 each Buy
Photo of our Yao embroidered headcloth

Yao embroidered headcloth

A beautifully woven dark blue indigo square decorated with red, orange, green and white hand stitiched stars, tassles in acrylic wool and cotton and a very finely hand woven long narrow braid.

Made by Yao women as a traditional head covering.

Size: 36 x 38 cms.

DJ104 – Textile Treasures: Yao embroidered headcloth
£55.00 each Buy
Photo of our Chinese jacket with stud work

Chinese jacket with stud work

Blue cotton jacket with hand embroidered details on collar and sleeves, and metal stud work in a curve across the front.

Bought from the maker in Dali, Yunnan SWChina.

Length 56 cms Width across back 57 cms.

DJ107 – Textile Treasures: Chinese jacket with stud work
£65.00 each Buy
Photo of our Sumatran gold songket

Sumatran gold songket

Exquisite hand woven piece from Sumatra. Deep maroon red with pale gold thread woven in intricate detail. Weavings like this are known as "songkets" and are famous in western Sumatra where they are used in ceremonies as expressions of family prosperity.

Edged at both ends with fine lace work trim in gold thread

Size 31 x 86 cms (including edgings)

DJ93 – Textile Treasures: Sumatran gold songket
£85.00 each Buy
Photo of our Embellished H'mong woman's skirt

Embellished H'mong woman's skirt

A wonderfully heavy deep indigo blue skirt fully pleated with hand drawn batik and appliqued strips and squares in red and white.

The top section is commercial cotton and the lower section is handwoven hemp with batik and machine stitched appliqed prints.

This traditional skirt is fully around 5m in width at the hem. It is open at the back with long waist ties. It could be made into a wearable skirt (or two!) or make a beautiful circular display.

Waistband 69 cms Length 58 cms

DJ109 – Textile Treasures: Embellished H'mong woman's skirt
£98.50 each Buy
Photo of our Pale Indigo pleated skirt

Pale Indigo pleated skirt

A wonderful traditional pleated skirt from the Miao minority women of Guizhou province in south western China.

The skirt panel is all very fine hand drawn batik with a pale cotton waistband (11 cms wide)

Natural indigo in pale and dark blues

Measurements: Skirt length 54 cms. Waist 98 cms

DJ111 – Textile Treasures: Pale Indigo pleated skirt
£115.00 each Buy
Photo of our Miao jacket with folded patchwork

Miao jacket with folded patchwork

A large burgundy red figured  satin jacket with incredible details on the front and sleeve panels of tiny and very intricate folded patchworks, weaving and raised hand embroidered stitch work.

Bought at a Miao village in Guizhou, southwestern China

Size: length from collar to back hem 75 cms. back underarms 62 cms.

DJ114 – Textile Treasures: Miao jacket with folded patchwork
£275.00 each Buy

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