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Wonderful woven wallhangings

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This is a selection of some of the pieces in our shop which are so beautiful that they deserve to be hung on the wall.

Some could be used for other things such as table cloths or runners.

Photo of our Yellow brocade wallhanging

Yellow brocade wallhanging

A beutiful silk brocade with blue, red and white silk threads on a pale yellow silk background. This piece was woven in northern Thailand to be worn over the shoulder. It has some age to it but I'm not sure how old!

Size: 47 x 108 cms with a black piece at the top to hang it from

WW2 – Wonderful woven wallhangings: Yellow brocade wallhanging
£42.50 each Buy
Photo of our Sumatran ship cloth

Sumatran ship cloth

 Supplementary weft weaving from southern Sumatra.

The design is naturally dyed deep reds and dark blue on natural pale brown cotton background

Size: 75 x 83 cms.


WW9 – Wonderful woven wallhangings: Sumatran ship cloth
£85.00 each Buy
Photo of our Gold thread Sumatran songket

Gold thread Sumatran songket

Exquisite hand woven piece from Sumatra. Deep maroon red with pale gold thread woven in intricate detail. Weavings like this are known as "songkets" and are famous in western Sumatra where they are used in ceremonies as expressions of family prosperity.

Edged at both ends with fine lace work trim in gold thread

Size 31 x 86 cms (including edgings)

WW5 – Wonderful woven wallhangings: Gold thread Sumatran songket
£98.50 each Buy

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