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Terrific Tribal Silver

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Hilltribe silver

This silver jewellery is made by Karen people living in Northern Thailand. The Karen are one of several hilltribe groups who live in the Golden Triangle area. They are originally from Burma but many have made their way into the north and west of Thailand to escape the repressive regime over the border.

The Karen are skilfull craftspeople who make wonderful weavings, baskets and metal work. They have always made silver jewellery for themselves and sold traditional tribal designs to other hill tribe groups.

Photo of our Silver butterfly earrings

Silver butterfly earrings

Lovely silver butterfly design. Size approx 3 x 2 cms

HE16 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Silver butterfly earrings
£11.50 per pair Buy
Photo of our Silver curves

Silver curves

Two dramatic silver curves with hand stamped tribal designs made by Karen hilltribe people in northern Thailand

Size approx 4 cms long

HE03 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Silver curves
£13.50 per pair Buy
Photo of our Silver basket design earrings

Silver basket design earrings

Small but unusual traditional tribal earrings made by Karen silversmiths

Size approx. 3 x 2.5 cms

HE09 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Silver basket design earrings
£15.00 per pair Buy
Photo of our Curvey silver earrings

Curvey silver earrings

A lovely curvey shaped pair of earrings with a beaten silver surface

Each earring measures approximately 4.5 cms.

HE02 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Curvey silver earrings
£17.50 per pair Buy
Photo of our Beaten Spiral earrings

Beaten Spiral earrings

Very pretty silver earrings with a beaten design spiral pattern

These earrings measure approx 4 cms. in diameter


HE06 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Beaten Spiral earrings
£22.00 per pair Buy
Photo of our Stamped triangles

Stamped triangles

Stunning triangular earrings hand made by Karen silversmiths. Stamped with tiny traditional designs

Length 3.5 cms

HE08 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Stamped triangles
£22.50 per pair Buy
Photo of our Embossed hoops

Embossed hoops

Big and bold with lots of traditional silver stamped markings

Size diameter approx: 4.5 cms

HE13 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Embossed hoops
£32.00 per pair Buy
Photo of our Silver basket weave bracelet

Silver basket weave bracelet

This stunning bracelet was made by Karen hilltribe silversmiths who are specialists in the intricate basket weave design

Size: approximately 6 cms in diameter (adjustable) and is 5 cms deep at its widest part.

HS04 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Silver basket weave bracelet
£85.00 each Buy
Photo of our Silver beaten ring

Silver beaten ring

A very attractive beaten design. This ring can be adjusted to fit most fingers as it is open at the back. 

Size 1.5 cms (at largest width) closed diameter 2 cms.

HR01 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Silver beaten ring
£16.00 each Buy
Photo of our Silver ring with swirls

Silver ring with swirls

A wide silver ring (2 cms at widest point) with designs of swirly spirals

Open back for adjustment approx diameter: 2.5 cms

HR00 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Silver ring with swirls
£19.95 each Buy
Photo of our Wide spiral ring

Wide spiral ring

A very unusual ring with a spiral at one end and traditional stamped designs.

Diameter 2 cms (can be widened)

HR06 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Wide spiral ring
£23.50 each Buy
Photo of our Wide flowery ring

Wide flowery ring

A wide ring (2.5 cms at widest point with a narrow back) with a design of flowering branch on a beaten background.

Size 2.25 cms. diameter with an open back so it can be adjusted.

HR05 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Wide flowery ring
£24.50 each Buy
Photo of our Silver spiralling ring

Silver spiralling ring

With five spirals with hand stamped designs, this ring can be adjusted to fit most finger sizes.

Size approx 4 cms x 2 cms (the spirals can be as wide or close as you wish)

HR02 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Silver spiralling ring
£32.50 each Buy
Photo of our Silver basketwork

Silver basketwork "soul keeper" pendant

A beautifully made and very unusual tribal design from northern Thailand. This is a "soul keeper" a protective amulet worn by children and others who may need protection. Much as we may wear a St Christopher, this keeps the wearer safe in hazardous situations and journeys.

The silver basketwork design mirrors the real basketwork caskets which are kept in the house

The pendant measures approx. 4 cms. x 3.5 cms.

HS05 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Silver basketwork "soul keeper" pendant
£19.50 each Buy
Photo of our Silver tribal pendant

Silver tribal pendant

This is a protective amulet made and worn by H'mong (also known as the Miao) tribal people. Silver jewellery like this is still made in the local village for local people to buy. 

The amulet can be easily strung onto a piece of string (in the authentic way!) or you could attach to a silver chain.

From the Golden Triangle area of northern Thailand.

Made from silver (at least 925 standard)

Size 6 cms. wide by 2.5 cms.

HS07 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Silver tribal pendant
£32.50 each Buy
Photo of our Large tribal pendant

Large tribal pendant

A wonderfully wacky tribal spiral pendant (originally an earring!) with chilli pepper danglies.

Traditional design from Guizhou, south west China

Size: 9.5 x 7 cms.

White metal

HS08 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Large tribal pendant
£16.50 each Buy
Photo of our Woven white metal ring

Woven white metal ring

This ring can be adjusted to fit most fingers or thumbs as it has an open back.

From Miao minority people of Guizhou Province in south west China

This ring is made from a white metal (ie NOT silver - hence the price)

Size 2.5 cms at widest part and closed diameter 2cms.

HR03 – Terrific Tribal Silver: Woven white metal ring
£8.95 each Buy

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