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This is a section which will just last for a couple of months to promote the new re-issued 10th Anniversary CD .

And as it's here I may as well put Cake Songs (EP) and Sean's solo album back on here too - just in case you don't have one!

Photo of our The House of Buendia LP

The House of Buendia LP

The Brand New re-issued 10th Anniversary edition of the BC Allska's full length cd "The House of Buendia". With a new full colour booklet with illustrations by Jamie Furber, photos of the band through its ten years and full lyrics.

In the shop at just £10 or posted out to you for £11.50 and all proceeds from these sales are being  used to record the next Allskas album!

All the old favourites plus two new tracks. 14 great tracks!

(and if you were wondering about the title, it comes from "One Hundred years of Solitude" - the inspiration behind the track "Mambo Macondo")


CD4 – CDs and things: The House of Buendia LP
£11.50 each Buy
Photo of our Cake Songs EP

Cake Songs EP

The BC Allskas' very first CD "Cake Songs" which features 5 tracks written by Sean Gaffney, Jim Gaffney and Beth Prior. A classic!

  • The Answers.
  • We shall say "Ha Ha!".
  • Dancehall Call.
  • In Fear.
  • Bitten.
CD5 – CDs and things: Cake Songs EP
£7.50 each Buy
Photo of our The Story Of How We Lose Control CD

The Story Of How We Lose Control CD

Finally after many years of thinking, writing, playing, raising money, getting people to help, writing, recording, adding bits, taking bits away, listening, re-recording, mixing, mastering, and art working, Sean has released his first solo album.

10 amazing tracks

CD1 – CDs and things: The Story Of How We Lose Control CD
£10.00 each Buy

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