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Mangarrai sarong

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Photo of our Mangarrai sarong

Mangarrai sarong

A hand woven long tube garment woven in the western part of Flores island, Indonesia. Garments like this are worn by Mangarrai women either right up to the armpits or folded over at the top to make a skirt.

Supplementary weft weave (also known as songket)

Shot green and red background with pink and orange motifs.

Size (if unstitched) 114 x 176 cms.

Photo 1 of our Mangarrai sarong Photo 2 of our Mangarrai sarong Photo 3 of our Mangarrai sarong Photo 4 of our Mangarrai sarong Photo 5 of our Mangarrai sarong
DJ105 – Textile Treasures: Mangarrai sarong
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