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Traditional Javanese Batik

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Traditional Javanese Stamped Batik

We buy this batik in family workshops in Solo, a town in Central Java, famous for its long tradition of batik making.

The 100% cotton is first waxed using a copper stamp called a cap. These copper stamps are made by hand and are works of art in themselves. The cotton is dyed with an indigo blue dye, rewaxed, and then dyed in soga brown - the traditional colours of Javanese batik. Finally the wax is all boiled out leaving the design.

Cloths such as this are worn all over the island of Java and especially for formal and special occasions. You can buy this batik as a whole cloth or in smaller pieces in our fat quarter sets and sample sets.

Photo of our Traditional Javanese Batik -Truntum design

Traditional Javanese Batik -Truntum design

This traditional Central Javanese batik design is called "truntum" and shows "all the stars in heaven". It is often worn at weddings as it signifies undying love.

The whole piece measures 1m wide x 2.40 long. The colours are creamy yellow, browns and black

CJ1 – Traditional Javanese Batik: Traditional Javanese Batik -Truntum design
£39.50 each Buy
Photo of our Traditional Javanese Batik - Parang design

Traditional Javanese Batik - Parang design

A very traditional design - one of the diagonal "parang" designs. This one is "Parang klitik" or small blade.

This piece measures 1m wide and 2.20 long. Colours chocolate brown, pale cream and deep dark blue.

CJ5 – Traditional Javanese Batik: Traditional Javanese Batik - Parang design
£39.50 each Buy

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