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Floral Batiks and Prints

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Batiks and Prints from the North Coast of Java

These fabrics come from Cirebon, a town on the North coast of Java where fine batik has long been produced. The designs are very typical of that area. Floral motifs were first introduced by the Dutch who colonised Java in the 18th and 19th centuries. Dutch women preferred to wear sarongs in more colourful, European styles with flowers, butterflies and birds, and this is still reflected in the batik from this area.

Some are true wax resist batiks and some are printed. We sell them by the piece or as a fat quarter set or sample set.

Photo of our Dusky leaves

Dusky leaves

Dusky purply pinks with a 25 cms border at each end. Size: 2m x 1m
FL04 – Floral Batiks and Prints: Dusky leaves
£28.00 each Buy
Photo of our Green and purple print sarong

Green and purple print sarong

This sarong is sewn into a tube ready for wearing! Pure cotton printed design of flowers with a central contrasting panel. Size 1.15m x 1.70m
FL03 – Floral Batiks and Prints: Green and purple print sarong
£30.00 each Buy
Photo of our Brown leaves and birds

Brown leaves and birds

A pale sandy brown background with a cream coloured design of leaves and birds. 100% cotton Size: 1.10 wide x 2.20 long
FL00 – Floral Batiks and Prints: Brown leaves and birds
£30.00 each Buy
Photo of our Blue and purple batik sarong

Blue and purple batik sarong

A deep blue background with bright and multicoloured leaves and flowers design on this very traditional densely covered floral print. A genuine hand stamped batik Size: 1.10m x 1.70m
FL09 – Floral Batiks and Prints: Blue and purple batik sarong
£32.00 each Buy
Photo of our Ochre yellow batik

Ochre yellow batik

A rich ochre yellow with designs of birds and flowers on a diamond background Size: 1m wide x 2.30m long
FL01 – Floral Batiks and Prints: Ochre yellow batik
£32.00 each Buy
Photo of our Turquoise flowers

Turquoise flowers

Beautiful cotton batik fabric with a turquoise background with flowers in lemon, salmon pink and bronzes Size: 1.13m wide x 2.20m long.
FL05 – Floral Batiks and Prints: Turquoise flowers
£35.00 each Buy
Photo of our Peachy sarong

Peachy sarong

A lovely fresh pure cotton sarong with a contrasting pattern. Pale peach and deeper pinky red colours with multicoloured designs of flowers and leaves and lots of little white dots. Size: 1.12m x 1.96m
FL02 – Floral Batiks and Prints: Peachy sarong
£38.00 each Buy

Fabrics available as patchwork sets

Photo of our Floral sample set

Floral sample set

A set of six different samples of cotton fabrics from our range of bright and beautiful floral designs. Six x 10" squares (25 cms)
FLS6 – Floral Batiks and Prints: Floral sample set
£6.00 per set of 6 Buy
Photo of our Floral Four Fat Quarters

Floral Four Fat Quarters

A set of four 50 cms squares (20") from our range of bright and beautiful floral designs. Pure cotton.
FLFQ – Floral Batiks and Prints: Floral Four Fat Quarters
£13.50 per set of 4 Buy

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