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Complete set of Turkish shadow puppets

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Photo of our Complete set of Turkish shadow puppets

Complete set of Turkish shadow puppets

 A set of 33 genuine leather shadow puppets from Istanbul, Turkey used to perform the Hacivat and Karagoz stories. The figures are all around 28 cms tall and all come with a stick which will go into the reinforced leather hole and hold them against a screen

The set consists of:

  1. Karagoz
  2. Hacivat
  3. Karagoz trapped in an earthenware pot
  4. Hacivat  with the body of a goat
  5. Karagoz with the body of a donkey
  6. Hacivat and Karagoz in a rowing boat
  7. a male and a female dancer
  8. a male musician playing a saz
  9. a female musician playing a guitar
  10. Husmen the wrestler
  11. Rumeli the dwarf
  12. a pasha or rich man
  13. an opium smoker
  14. a naked witch riding on a dragon
  15. a gypsy fortune teller
  16. a lady with umbrella and veil
  17. a woman with tulip (Karagoz's wife)
  18. a market seller with paniers
  19. a fruit seller with basket
  20. a woodcutter with axe
  21. a janissary or soldier
  22. a night watchman with his lantern
  23. a fish seller with 3 fish
  24. a camel and an owl
  25. a snake and a small dragon
  26. 3 elephants - one very large and two small
  27. 2 scenery pieces - a traditional house and a lemon tree in a pot


Hacivat and Karagoz Karagoz in a pot Hacivat as a goat and Karagoz as a donkey Hacivat and Karagoz in a rowing boat two dancers two musicians Husmen and Rumeli the pasha and the opium smoker the witch and the gypsy fortune teller two women the market seller and the fruit seller the woodcutter and the janissary the night watchman and the fish seller camel and owl snake and small dragon three elephants a Turkish house and lemon tree
PUP1 – Leather Shadow Puppets: Complete set of Turkish shadow puppets
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