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Felt Dolls

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Felt Dolls from Kyrgyzstan


Lovely little felt characters, hand-made in the traditional way by women in Kyrgyzstan. We first came across these felt dolls in The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul in the shop of a Kazak friend of ours. We bought 12, sold them immediately and asked him to send us more.  When we realised that we would be going through Kyrgyzstan on our "Great Cross Asia Textile Journey" we decided to find the workshop where they came from.

It took a long time to track them down to a small workshop in the capital, Bishkek. It had originally been set up with the help of a UNESCO grant to give work to women with traditional felt making skills. Now it stands alone as a great little business and we continue to sell their lovely individually made felt ladies (and the occasional man!)

For lots more on the story of these dolls and feltmaking in Kyrgyzstan, read my blog "Felt Dollies From Bishkek"

Photo of our Jamilya (felt Baboushka doll)

Jamilya (felt Baboushka doll)

Jamilya is our very sweet Babouskha (grandma) of the family. She wears a traditional head dress and ikat design felt dress and has two long plaits.

She stands approx 18 cms (7 inches) tall

FD8 – Felt Dolls: Jamilya (felt Baboushka doll)
£24.50 each Buy
Photo of our Dinara (felt-maker doll)

Dinara (felt-maker doll)

Dinara is named after our friend who runs the "Altyn Kol" women's felt making co-operative in Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan.

Dinara carries her felt rug (called a "shyrdak") with her. Thick felt rugs like these are used to keep the floor and walls of the house or yurt cosy during the cold winter months. Height 19 cms (7.5 inches)

FD01 – Felt Dolls: Dinara (felt-maker doll)
£25.00 each Buy
Photo of our Usen (felt man)

Usen (felt man)

Usen stands tall in his long felted coat with collar and green cosy traditional hat.

Height: approx 22 cms (8.5 inches) tall

FD4 – Felt Dolls: Usen (felt man)
£26.00 each Buy
Photo of our Natalya (tall felt doll)

Natalya (tall felt doll)

Natalya is a beautiful tall lady with an embroidered waistcoat and head band and a full traditional head dress.

Height: 24 cms (9.5 inches)


FD3 – Felt Dolls: Natalya (tall felt doll)
£28.50 each Buy

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