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Tixor Malam Waxpot

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Photo of our Tixor Malam Waxpot

Tixor Malam Waxpot

Out of stock for the time being - we have been trying to restock these waxpots but our supplier in Germany is no longer sending to the UK.

Meanwhile I suggest using a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer to melt your wax - this has worked very well for me. Of course, you CANNOT use it for frying your chips in after you've batiked with it!

The good thing is that it will also be big enough to heat copper or wooden stamps

Photo 1 of our Tixor Malam Waxpot Photo 2 of our Tixor Malam Waxpot
WXP – Waxes, soda ash and waxpot: Tixor Malam Waxpot
£89.50 each (OUT OF STOCK)

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