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Waxes, soda ash and waxpot

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WAX : We supply three types of wax - soya wax, beeswax and paraffin wax as well as a ready mixed batik wax which is perfect for general batik.
All the waxes can be used alone or mixed together depending on the effect you want.
  • Beeswax is more flexible and is ideal for large areas, where it will cover without cracking.
  • Paraffin wax is more brittle and is ideal to give the crackle effect so characteristic of batik.
  • Soya wax is a more environmentally friendly wax which is easy to remove with hot water.
  • General purpose batik wax mix is 3 parts paraffin wax to one part beeswax.

Sorry, because of postal restrictions we can't send wax or soda ash outside the UK

Photo of our Batik wax mix

Batik wax mix

Fine pellets - 300 grams of a ready made batik wax mix made up of 225 grams of paraffin wax and 75 grams of beeswax. This is a good all purpose wax for batik.

Reuse as often as you like!

WXBW – Waxes, soda ash and waxpot: Batik wax mix
£7.50 each Buy
Photo of our Beeswax pellets

Beeswax pellets

Beeswax is a very flexible wax which will give a very good resist against dye because it will bend rather than crack.

It can be used in conjunction with paraffin wax if you want to create a crackle effect. It also has a nice beeswaxy smell.

150 grams of pure beeswax pellets

WXBE – Waxes, soda ash and waxpot: Beeswax pellets
£6.00 each Buy
Photo of our Paraffin wax pellets

Paraffin wax pellets

White paraffin wax pellets give a brittle wax which can be cracked easily (which you may want for a fine crackle effect). If the wax is too brittle, add some beeswax to the pot to give a more flexible wax.

300 grams pack of fine pellets

WXPA – Waxes, soda ash and waxpot: Paraffin wax pellets
£6.50 each Buy
Photo of our Soya wax pellets

Soya wax pellets

A completely natural blended and softer wax which has a lower melting point than regular wax, it can be easily removed in hot water and is ideal for using with children. It can also wash straight down the drain as it is a starch.

Soya wax is used by many Japanese batik artists in their "rozome" work - it gives a softer outline and a less definite resist.

300 grams pack

WXSO – Waxes, soda ash and waxpot: Soya wax pellets
£7.50 each Buy
Photo of our Soda Ash 50 grams

Soda Ash 50 grams

This small pack of soda ash will make a 10 litre solution when mixed with water.

This can be made up in advance and stored safely in a plastic bottle. This "soda water" can then be used to add to the powder dyes whenever its needed


DY30 – Waxes, soda ash and waxpot: Soda Ash 50 grams
£2.95 each Buy
Photo of our Soda Ash 150 grams

Soda Ash 150 grams

A large pack of soda ash which can be added to a dye bath for dip dyeing.

Alternatively it can be diluted with water to make a "soda solution" which can be added to the powder dyes when needed. This is especially good when painting on dyes.

DY31 – Waxes, soda ash and waxpot: Soda Ash 150 grams
£5.50 each Buy
Photo of our Tixor Malam Waxpot

Tixor Malam Waxpot

Out of stock for the time being - we have been trying to restock these waxpots but our supplier in Germany is no longer sending to the UK.

Meanwhile I suggest using a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer to melt your wax - this has worked very well for me. Of course, you CANNOT use it for frying your chips in after you've batiked with it!

The good thing is that it will also be big enough to heat copper or wooden stamps

WXP – Waxes, soda ash and waxpot: Tixor Malam Waxpot
£89.50 each (OUT OF STOCK)

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