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Plain Fabrics

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We get our cotton from Java where it is specially made for batik. This means that it is ready prepared for dyeing, the wax penetrates easily, it absorbs dye beautifully and it can take a very hot wash with safety.

Primissima is the highest grade of cotton and is used for very fine batik - a high thread count and very smooth surface. Width: 42 inches (105 cms)

Berkolin is used to make pictures. It is a little thicker and is specially produced to stretch onto frames for picture making. Width: 35 inches (90 cms)

Hemp hand woven natural hemp made by hill tribe women on narrow looms so every length is unique. Width: approximately 14 inches (35 cms)

Rayon is also a natural fabric (it's made from plant fibres!) which has a good drape and is suitable for sarongs, skirts, scarves etc. Width 44 inches (110 cms)

Photo of our Fine lawn cotton (Primissima)

Fine lawn cotton (Primissima)

Our very fine and lovely "Primissima" is the top grade cotton used in Java for fine hand drawn batik. It is smooth and easy to dye and dry, and does not need any preparation. Width approx: 42 inches (105 cms)
FA01 – Plain Fabrics: Fine lawn cotton (Primissima)
£7.50 per metre Buy
Photo of our A bolt of fine lawn cotton - Primissima

A bolt of fine lawn cotton - Primissima

A whole bolt of Grade 1 Javanese cotton - called 'Primissima', it is the fabric of choice for the finest batik made in Java. Buy it by the bolt for a bargain price. Size: 1.05 m wide and approx 33 metres long
FA06 – Plain Fabrics: A bolt of fine lawn cotton - Primissima
£145.00 each Buy
Photo of our Undyed hemp

Undyed hemp

This hand woven hemp comes from H'mong villages in the Northern part of Thailand. It is a totally natural product which has been woven on a small loom and is very good for dyeing, batiking or stitching into. A fairly rough and open weave texture. Width approx: 37 cms (14.5 inches)
FA02 – Plain Fabrics: Undyed hemp
£8.50 per metre Buy

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