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Batik Process sets and books

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Here we have a selection of batik process sets which are made specially for us by friends in Java.

We also have a traditional hand made textile sample set. Both of these are ideal for teachers and textile workshop leaders.

And we still stock the ~Batik Transitions book, edited by Diane Gaffney and published by the Batik Guild

Photo of our Three waxed squares

Three waxed squares

Three small waxed squares of Javanese batik.

Size: 7.5 cms square

SQ09 – Batik Process sets and books: Three waxed squares
£2.50 per set Buy
Photo of our Batik Process Samples - Two Turtles

Batik Process Samples - Two Turtles

This six part process set shows two very simple batik techniques in one set of designs.

The background is produced with the rainbow batik technique and the turtles are filled in with a light to dark technique.

BS6 – Batik Process sets and books: Batik Process Samples - Two Turtles
£7.50 per set of 6 Buy
Photo of our Traditional Batik Process card

Traditional Batik Process card

This A5 card has six small pieces of a traditional Javanese batik cloth in the various stages of production alongside an explanation of the process.

It is an ideal aid for batik workshops and textile classes.

BS9 – Batik Process sets and books: Traditional Batik Process card
£1.50 each Buy
Photo of our Rainbow set - squigglies

Rainbow set - squigglies

Five pieces showing the rainbow dyeing batik technique. Only one left in stock!

PS8 – Batik Process sets and books: Rainbow set - squigglies
£7.50 each Buy

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