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Stunning Silk Scarves

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Stunning Silk Scarves

A selection of some of the wonderful scarves and shawls (wider scarves) we sell in our shop.

The first three are works of art in themselves - coming from the world renowned Brahma Tirta Sari studio in Java. Exquisite batik work from this studio is commissioned and collected in museums, galleries, and art collections all over the world. We have been visiting Nia and Agus the studio founders for many years now and are delighted to sell their wonderful work.

The next scarves are also batik and also come from Java. They are hand stamped rather than hand drawn batik and cotton rather than silk but they are a more affordable example of genuine batik.

Finally we have silk scarves from Thailand in a beautiful ikat weave which gives a subtle shimmer. The silk is hand spun and has an uneven "slubby" textured feel to it which is very attractive and a contrast to the more common smooth Chinese silk.

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